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close up on a yellow taxi cab sign

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Jump Z Taxi Services


NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) December 11, 2014
For the first time New York shoppers will be able to instantly buy the latest range from iconic mens fashion brand 2(X)IST via Virtual Stores. This holiday season the brand partners with innovative mobile platform PowaTag to transform the way people shop.
From the 1st to the 21st of December, millions of passersby will be able to browse and purchase the latest 2(X)IST underwear ranges by using their phone to scan tags on virtual storefronts across key locations in the heart of the city making ordinary street corners a virtual marketplace for 2(X)IST. During the height of sales this holiday season just prior to Christmas and during the Chanukah festivities, hundreds of thousands more riding in the citys nearly 8,000 cabs will be able to buy directly from a 60 second video ad using the technologys patented audio tag capability.
The PowaTag platform enables the connected consumer to complete transactions where they want it most right from their smartphone, via multiple touch points. PowaTag utilizes proprietary technology to transform any media into an instant Virtual Storefront from printed products to billboards, websites and emails, digital watermarks encoded into live and pre-recorded broadcasts, and even specialized links on social media. Sales are completed in just seconds enabling PowaTag users to buy from their favorite brands at the peak of their interest without delay.
2(X)IST creates high quality mens apparel utilizing the best fabrics and technology in colors and prints and that appeal to a stylish modern, man. Truly on the cutting-edge of not only fashion but technology, 2(X)ISTs customer base, comprised mainly of millennials, will benefit from this unique campaign because theyll be able to shop using the one device they rely on most their smartphone.
Dan Wagner, founder and CEO of PowaTag, said: Over 600,000 people take NYC yellow taxis every single day , while countless numbers pass by billboards on the streets, and you can guarantee most of them will spend their journeys with their smartphones in hand. By enabling travelers to instantly, effortlessly complete transactions by simply holding up their phone and tapping, PowaTag is empowering 2(X)IST to turn impulse into action and reach a huge and currently untapped market, essentially opening Virtual Stores in some of the busiest parts of the city.
Tom Speight, President and CEO of 2(X)IST, said: We are continually adapting our business, and have been for the last 25 years to keep ahead of the way ecommerce is transforming fashion retail. Its also become abundantly clear how important mobile commerce is for the future as we strive to meet our consumers where they are no matter the device of choice. Our campaign with PowaTag takes what weve learned one step further by putting the powerful tool of instant purchasing through a smartphone in the hands of busy New Yorkers who would otherwise glance at an advert and then forget about it.
PowaTag is available as a free download from Google Play and the iTunes Store now. Alongside audio tagging through adverts in NYC cabs, Virtual Stores will appear at these key locations:
148th St. & Madison Ave
939 3rd Ave. & 56th St.
52nd St. & Park Ave.
6th Ave. & W. 33rd St.
2nd Ave. & E. 59th St.
62nd St. & Lexington Ave.
61st St. & Broadway
47th St. & 5th Ave
58th St. & 2nd Ave
About 2(X)IST Innovators in Comfort, Fit, and Style
Known for cutting-edge fashion, contoured shapes, and superior comfort, 2(X)IST creates designs to fit mens lives. Founded in 1991, 2(X)IST has grown to become an iconic mens lifestyle brand with a style and fit for every occasion. 2(X)IST leads the evolution of fabrics, materials, and technology to create better fitting Underwear, Swimwear, Apparel, and Accessories for fashion-forward, confident, and modern men.
Currently, 2(X)IST is available at Partner Retailers across six continents, including multiple 2(X)IST-branded storefronts and shop-in-shops throughout Asia.
About Powa Technologies
Powa Technologies is an international commerce specialist that creates technologies that enable a seamless consumer experience across all purchase channels: online, offline and everywhere. With its next-generation solutions PowaTag, PowaPOS and PowaWeb, Powa removes the final barriers to instant global transactions through a revolutionary instant mobile payment technology, the first fully-integrated mobile POS platform, and advanced cloud-based ecommerce solutions. Significant investment capital has accelerated company growth, attracting the industrys finest subject matter experts to conceive, build and deploy innovative commerce technology at the heart of both merchants and brands future omni-channel selling strategies. Powa Technologies is headquartered in London, UK, with offices in New York, Atlanta, San Diego, Miami, Toronto, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Shanghai.
PowaTag In Action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or0L7UnaP6g
For more information or images of PowaTag please contact Rani (Rani(at)flamepr(dot)com) on +44 (0)7590 534 173 or Matt (Matt(at)flamepr(dot)com) on +44203 357 9740, alternatively email Powa(at)flamepr(dot)com or visit: http://www.powa.com

Jennifer – Clean & Responsive WordPress Blog Theme – Themes & Templates


NEW Version 1.7 is here! WordPress 4.1 READY and NEW Features
Jennifer – Clean & Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
Jennifer is an elegant, minimalistic, clean, modern and professional blog ideal for spreading stories. Made with modern responsive design (it adapts to your style as well as the device its viewed on), awesome typography and focus on readability. Also, Jennifer theme is developed with SEO in mind, as well as for fast page loading and security.
Using the easy WordPress inbuilt theme customizer tool, you can get Jennifer installed, change your accent colour, upload your custom background and link up all your social profiles in less than 5 minutes. Very simple to use, this theme is completely responsive and is built with semantic HTML5/CSS3.
This premium theme includes lots of custom options like useful shortcodes to display columns, buttons and color boxes, some stylish Widgets like Tags Cloud or Recent comments and some custom design for templates likes Category / Author Archive page or 404 page.
Jennifer is the perfect WordPress theme for bloggers, artists or anyone else looking for a theme that lets their content shine. Enjoy it!
Theme Features
Images used in the previews
Flickr CC Commercial Use Images from Kopaz and markjsebastian used for the demo site. Not included in the template.
v1.7 – 21 Mar 2015 – Updated version.
v1.6 – 20 Feb 2015 – Updated version.
v1.5 – 22 Jan 2015 – Updated version.
v1.4 – 13 Jan 2015 – Updated version.
v1.3 – 05 Jan 2015 – Updated version.
v1.2 – 26 Dec 2014 – Updated version.
v1.1 – 17 Dec 2014 – Updated version.
v1.0 – 19 Nov 2014 – Initial version.
Latest Reviews
Average rating is 5.0 out of 1 ratings.
this is confusing as all hell.
I want this this theme with my wordpress domain.
I don’t understand the run-around.

I love this theme! It helps me to get a incredible WordPress site. As I’m not very tech savvy the set up instructions are incredibly user friendly. The customer support is also great with prompt and thorough responses (and very friendly too, thanks Vernica from Silo Creativo!). Couldn’t rate it more highly. Definitely recommend!
– Brian Shaw
Version 1.7 – 21th Mar 2015
– Fix some CSS minor issues
– Added 3 new social brand icon for Social Menu (RSS, Spotify and Slack)
Version 1.6 – 20th Feb 2015
– Updated Font Awesome to 4.3
– Fully Compatible with WordPress 4.1.1
Version 1.5 – 22th Jan 2015
– Fix some CSS minor issues
– Add 6 new social brand icon fro Social Menu
Version 1.4 – 13th Jan 2015
– Fix custom Header Image heights
– Added control for Header Image width
– Updated Fitvids.js
– Improved compatibility with child themes
– Updated .mo/.po files
Version 1.3 – 5th Jan 2015
– Added custom Header Image support
– Added custom Logo Support
– Fixed Title Tag issue
– Updated .mo/.po files
Version 1.2 – 26th Dec 2014
– Fully Compatible with WordPress 4.1
– Added Left optional Sidebar
– Added new add_theme_support( ‘title-tag’ )
– Fixed :hover color selector
– Added satinazion to customizer options
– Fixed jetpack newsletter input design issues
Version 1.1 – 17th Dec 2014
– Added gradient to featured image in sticky posts
– Fixed text color on sticky posts without no featured image
– Added option to enable/disable featured post under the menu
– Fixed footer custom text issue
Version 1.0 – 19th Nov 2014
– jennifer theme release

Bob James on Apple Music


Bob James’ recordings have practically defined pop/jazz and crossover during the past few decades. Very influenced by pop and movie music, James has often featured R&B-ish soloists (most notably Grover Washington, Jr.) who add a jazz touch to what is essentially an instrumental pop set. He actually started out in music going in a much different direction. In 1962, James recorded a bop-ish trio set for Mercury, and three years later his album for ESP was quite avant-garde, with electronic tapes used for effects. After a period with Sarah Vaughan (1965-1968), he became a studio musician, and by 1973 was arranging and working as a producer for CTI. In 1974, James recorded his first purely commercial effort as a leader; he later made big-selling albums for his own Tappan Zee label, Columbia, and Warner Bros., including collaborations with Earl Klugh and David Sanborn. James remains relatively busy in the studio and since 2000 has released several albums including Dancing on the Water in 2001, That Steamin’ Feelin’ in 2002, Hi-Fi in 2003, and Urban Flamingo in 2006, among others. In 2011, he joined pianist Keiko Matsui for Altair & Vega. Two years later, he delivered his second collaboration with saxophonist David Sanborn, 2013’s Quartette Humaine. In 2015, James paired with bassist Nathan East on the laid-back studio-session, The New Cool. ~ Scott Yanow