The Honeymoon Series by Lily Zante PDF

*** Enjoy all three of the Honeymoon Series books in one Boxed set ***

Book 1 - Honeymoon For One
Book 2 - Honeymoon For Three
Book 3 - Honeymoon Blues

Honeymoon For One
When she is unceremoniously dumped by her fiancé just six weeks before their Valentines Day wedding, Ava Ramirez decides to cancel all wedding arrangements except for one: she goes on her honeymoon alone.
Seeking peace of mind and clarity, Ava finds anything but that.
She has no idea of the life changing forces about to strike her.

Honeymoon For Three
Unable to trust men, having been recently jilted, Ava Ramirez finds even more heartbreak when she opts to go on her honeymoon by herself.
Not only does she come face to face with the tall, dark and handsome son of a hotel magnate, but her fiancé also now wants her back.

Honeymoon Blues
Visiting Verona, the last thing Ava Ramirez expected was to fall in love. But her insecurities creep up upon her as her life starts to fall to pieces all around her.
Are second chances ever possible?
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