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Colin Dodds grew up in Massachusetts and completed his education in New York City. His poems have appeared in more than one hundred fifty publications, and have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Dodds is also the author of several novels, including WINDFALL, Another Broken Wizard and The Last Bad Job. One of his screenplays, Refreshment, was named a semi-finalist in the 2010 American Zoetrope Contest. Colin lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife Samantha.

“(The Last Bad Job) shows something that very few writers have; a species of inner talent that owes very little to other people.”
- Norman Mailer

“These are very good poems. For moments I could even feel the old feelings when I read them.”
- David Berman, songwriter and poet Silver Jews, Actual Air

“…likely to become one of our premiere writers.”
-Grady Harp, Literary Aficionado

“Another Broken Wizard is a terrific coming-of-age tale that rings utterly true. Dodds has a gift for conveying the sounds of his people and their world. He can make highway hypnosis as fascinating as a gang brawl. And he has a natural radar for locating the perfect detail to evoke the sense of what it feels like to be caught between the past and the future, between loyalty and logic, and between the security of the known and the impulse to evolve. Though I came of age in the primordial mists, it somehow felt like he was giving me a tour of my own past. Another Broken Wizard is compulsively readable. I’ll be giving this book to some of my friends.”
- Jack O’Connell, author of The Resurrectionist, Box Nine and many others

“WINDFALL is not your typical political thriller. Dodds deftly weaves in a solid paranormal thread that explores ambition, myth and morality in an indifferent America without resorting to pulpit thumping or cardboard villains.”
-The New Podler Review of Books

“No one has done the Apocalypse better! From the opening scene to the final shocking line, this book is full of gruesome twists, profound insights, and absolutely brilliant writing. (The Last Bad Job) is definitely one of the best books I’ve read in the past ten years.”
-Boston Literary Magazine

“Dodds… creates exceptionally vivid characters, a story which sneaks up on you at first, then gathers pace, and the book has tight writing which keeps you turning the pages right until the profoundly moving denouement. Simply put, Another Broken Wizard is brilliant. Read this book!”
-David Gaughran, author of A Storm Hits Valparaíso and If You Go into the Woods

“Smart people compliment the smart and direct narrative in a way that keeps a reader… eager to turn the page to discover the next big move from these compelling leads… (WINDFALL) could easily stand up against the more famous works of the genre.”
-Rabid Readers Reviews

“(What Smiled at Him) has an angry edge to it, recalling the spirit of the Beats. Many of the peripheral characters speak like prophets… Marv and Lynn are just as self-aware as their supporting cast, and their abundance of wisdom sometimes stretches believability; it’s tempered, however, by the flaw of their continually self-destructive behavior. Watching them ignore their better instincts… makes the characters more endearing.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“(The Last Bad Job) is a kaleidoscope of destruction…it’s difficult not to giggle even as characters tell their horrific stories, the death and destruction nullified by the absurdity of the context. Whether the author is making a statement about apocalypse, religion or about finding meaning in life, I may be hesitant to make a claim. However, I was happy to warm my hands with the bonfire he created and chuckle at the world’s misfortunes…I don’t think I’ll ever look at an apocalypse the same way.”
- Papyrus Independent Author Reviews

“WINDFALL, while a mesmerizingly fascinating and addictive story, steps beyond the usual campfire-cum-barbershop tales spread around town or discussed in literary circles… (I) encourage tho
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