Krazy Kow Saves The World Well Almost by Jeremy Strong PDF

'Krazy Kow' is a book wrote by the well known author Jeremy Strong. It is humorous tale of a young boy entering an environmental competition at school, who is planning to film his story of 'Krazy Kow Saves the World'. The book persistently switches from two stories, the first being the story of Jamie in creating his film, the second is of the film itself and the adventures of 'Krazy Kow'. The switching of the the two stories works well to provide extra narrative and adds a great deal of humor to the story. Jeremy Strong uses the same technique that he has used in his other work, such as the use of silly names, places of relevance to children and a large use of onomatopoeia.

This book can be well used for classroom based activities focusing on helping the environment. Throughout the book, 'Krazy Kow' is often saving people from ecological disasters. Such disasters can be used a focus for writing activities on why we should be helping to protect out planet. Having used this book in the classroom myself, it also provides great opportunities for identifying features of story writing and creative thinking skills. I created the task of the children writing to Jeremy Strong about a superhero that they have created, persuading Jeremy Strong to chose theirs to win a competition. Jeremy Strong uses a large amount of WOW words throughout his book,s all of which can be used to support creative writing tasks. I would highly recommend this book for a KS2 class.
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