A Lost Fantasy (Collision Of Worlds, #1) by Sandra Giles PDF

If Aled has learned anything through being a doctor, it’s that every patient is worth his time, no matter what ails them. Young or old, intelligent or dim-witted, he knows that everyone is important. It’s all very well in theory, but give him an attractive young lady in need of help and he acts just like any other guy on the planet. He becomes obsessive, so much so that he transfers her into a private room and visits her more than entirely normal. She’s in a coma, so the effort is truly pointless. In falling for this damsel in distress, he has bought himself a one-way ticket into a world he struggles to come to terms with. She’s wanted, and not just by him. Vampires are out to get her. She’s too dangerous to them, even in her fragile state, and so they turn up at his place of work and take her from the human world. Despite her being the newly undead, Aled takes her home. What is his reward? She attacks him, abandons him in his time of need, and then quite-literally throws him to the wolves. And that’s only the start. The story doesn’t truly begin until after these strange going-ons, and nor does Aled’s true life. In discovering the secrets of this new world, he finds his place and, through it, his family. The old saying goes that you never know what you have until it’s gone, but for Aled he doesn’t truly know what he is missing out on until it falls into his life. He’ll do anything to keep his new family intact, even face off with entities that are bigger, stronger, and less mortal than him. Does he have what it takes to survive?

This is book one from Aled’s sector of the series; Collision Of Worlds.

A Lost Fantasy crosses over with Proving Negatives, which is the fourth novel from Jared’s part in the series. All four of his novels are available to download now.
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  • A Lost Fantasy (Collision Of Worlds, #1) by Sandra Giles
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