The Magical Tale of Eliza Felding by Rich Douglas PDF

New Orleans, 2006. Sixteen year old Eliza Felding desires perfect looks, a dashing romance and all the popularity and prestige in the world. Yet sadly she is not getting it, as she is simply average....That is...until a magical organization discovers her, and offers her an invitation she cannot refuse. Now with the help of magic, Eliza\’s life suddenly turns around, as she can now make herself beautiful and attract the love of her life, which she does. Yet Eliza suddenly discovers that there is a significant price to pay for joining the organization; a price that has her screaming to leave the exclusive and egotistical magical society. But she cannot. So Eliza, along with the love of her life, Seth, shockingly decide to rebel. Little does Eliza know that her rebellion will take her across her hurricane ravaged hometown, to places she has never been before. Little does she know that she will be facing magical dangers that could end her life any second. Will Eliza Felding survive? With the aid of her rebellious friends and the true love of her life, there is no other option. This is the first book of the Eliza Felding Trilogy.
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  • The Magical Tale of Eliza Felding by Rich Douglas
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