Jumper Bounces Back (Vol 2) by Rebecca Scarberry PDF

Rebecca Scarberry was born and raised on the coast of California. She now lives on a secluded farm in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.

She self-published Messages from Henry in June 2012. It was written for young adults, but adults are finding it very entertaining. She released the sequel, Where Love Takes You on August 9, 2013 (previously published under a different title). Henry and Cecilia, now racing pigeons, go to England!

On December 10, 2012, she published a short story called, Rag Doll. This very short story is for adults only. It's a spicy crime drama, and many readers were taken by surprise with the twist in the end. She's now being called 'The New O'Henry'.

She has also published a children's picture book series (consisting of 4 volumes). It's her Jumper series, an action-packed series of illustrated children's books about a funny red beach ball, telling all about his adventures away from the toy store. She now has the Certificate of Registration for the script she wrote for Jumper. It's for one TV episode and she'll be submitting it to film producers.
  • PDF Book Jumper Bounces Back (Vol 2) by Rebecca Scarberry
  • Jumper Bounces Back (Vol 2) by Rebecca Scarberry
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