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Mastery: A University Word List Reader introduces ESL/EFL students to the most frequently used words in American academic environments, based on the 800-word University Word List developed by Xue and Nation. Adding this academic vocabulary to the 2,000 basic words of English enables students to understand 95 percent of academic texts.. "Mastery familiarizes students with American culture; students read about prominent Americans involved in business (Lee Iacocca), social activism (Gloria Steinem, Cesar Chavez), politics (Colin Powell), sports (Roberto Clemente), science (Carl Sagan), architecture (Maya Lin), and the arts (Maya Angelou, Georgia O'Keeffe).. "The vocabulary exercises in Mastery flow naturally from the readings and reflect current research in vocabulary acquisition. Some exercises direct students to guess word meaning from context, while others direct them to look at word parts, relationships, origins, and the grammar of words.. "For intermediate to high-intermediate ESL/EFL students.
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