Professional Cooking, 7th Edition by Wayne Gisslen PDF

Study from the best for guaranteed career success! Wayne Gisslens Professional Cooking has led the way as simply the best resource for new and practicing chefs! It is the best-selling undergraduate food preparation textbook in the marketplace. With its clear and effective approach to mastering basic skills and concepts through understanding and practice, Professional Cooking has earned a permanent place in the lives of millions of chefs whose careers it has helped launch. Wayne Gisslen's reputation for being able to simply, yet comprehensively, communicate information to beginning chefs is unsurpassed. The Seventh Edition also features: · Enhanced visual program with over 220 new color photos, including plated dishes, procedures, and products. · Approximately 100 new recipes, for a total of 650 recipes plus another 600 variations. · More focus on international recipes and variations. · Enhanced topical coverage on such things as: food science, molecular gastronomy, international recipes, and culinary math. · Chapter 10, Understanding Meats, now includes all information on meat fabrication in one convenient place.
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  • Professional Cooking, 7th Edition by Wayne Gisslen
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