Holding On To Yesterday by Kristy K. James PDF

For three years, she's haunted his dreams...

When the woman he loved more than life wanted to take their relationship to the next level, Kyle Ferguson's fear of marriage sent her running away from him. It was only then he realized he'd do whatever he had to in order to be with her, but before he could tell her how sorry he was, how wrong he'd been, Maggie died in a tragic accident.

Now, with the third anniversary of her death looming, is it possible a drunken wish might change the events of the past? Might allow him to save her? Might give him a second chance to make her his wife? Or is it all just a delusion brought on by too much alcohol and too many lonely nights?

Find out if wishes really can come true in my newest Mystic's Carnival Collective story, Holding On To Yesterday (the Wishes in Time series).
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  • Holding On To Yesterday by Kristy K. James
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