War Music by Christopher Logue PDF

"Hard to say who is who: the fighters, the heroes,/
Their guts look alike." (194)

Sublime. Genius. Many more superlatives…If you have ever felt intimidated by the unending columns and lists of other translations of Homer's Iliad, give this one a whirl. Logue uses modern verse and contemporary imagery to tell Homer's classic story of Helen's abduction and the resulting war between Greece and Troy. The language, the structure, the breaks, the cadence..everything sweeps you along and puts you under some kind of poetic spell that perfectly captures the wide scope & movement of armies at war as well as the small, tedious, personal moments:

"They rise!—the Greeks with smiling iron mouths.
They are like Nature; like a mass of flame;
Great lengths of water struck by changing winds;
A forest of innumerable trees;
Boundless sand; snowfall across broad steppes at dusk.
As a huge beast stands and turns around itself,
The well-fed, glittering army, stands and turns.

Nothing can happen till Achilles wakes.

He wakes." (213)

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