Summer by Suzanne Brown PDF

Make this the summer you try all the things you've always wanted to try!

Find out how to:
paddle a canoe; shuck an oyster; track the tides; do a flip turn
play badminton, bocce, and horseshoes
turn seashells into wind chimes; tid-dye T-shirts
prepare summer staples such as the sea breeze, barbecued spareribs, and lobster rolls
build a campfire; grill your just caught trout; toast s'mores
spruce up your summer rental; banish mildew; get the upper hand on berry stains
read the night sky; identify animal tracks, leaves, and clouds
handle the flag with respect and remember all the words to the national anthem
get back to flying a kite and using a hula hoop
play card games, word games, lawn games, and pool games
host an instant party with 20 effortless appetizers
become the most sought-after house guest or host
make bird feeders; grow sunflowers; lure butterflies to your garden
keep the kids occupied with fun activities for car trips and rainy days
organize a clambake or a picnic; hang a tire swing; pack for a hike
contruct towering sand castles; master the art of knots.
Hundreds of entries, glorious color photographs, and illustrations take you there and show you how.

Whether you're in a cabin in the mountains, in a rental at the beach, at a weekend house in the country, or taking it easy in town or in your own backyard, Summer: A User's Guide is the summer necessity—packed with practical guidance, inspiring suggestions, useful resources, engaging history, nostalgic reminiscences, and the promise of a dream summer to come.
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