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Want more success? More power? More money? Powerful communication remains a key to all of that. Many of us dig our careers into a hole with our mouths. We let others label our lives. Instead of controlling the way others perceive us, we allow them to get the wrong impressions. Mention Disney and people think “family entertainment." Say "Mercedes Benz" and automotive elegance comes to mind. What pops into people's heads when your name enters a conversation? That's the part you need to control! Use this book to develop your effective personal brand. Communicate so well that people trust you and even want to support you and your goals. The result? Increased opportunities and success! By avoiding the many communication traps that lie waiting, and learning the countermeasures in this book, you create an image of yourself in the eyes of supervisors, co-workers and clients. An image of excellence. Such an image, or personal brand, brings you the rich rewards you deeply desire.

"This book helps you avoid communication traps that can hamper your business success. It also helps you to build a powerful personal brand that will inspire people to offer you great opportunities." — Danek S. Kaus, author of "You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity"

“This book will increase your business success. Communication is the key. Tom shows you how to create an effective personal brand. I’ve hired Tom as my media coach and his strategies gain great results.”
Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Coach to Olympic Gold Medalists and CEOs and
author of "Olympic Thinking: Sports Psychology Coaching for Peak Performance in Sports, Business and Life"

* Darkest Secrets of Business Communication is the 7th book in the "Darkest Secrets . . . How to Protect Yourself" series by Tom Marcoux.

Tom Marcoux helps people like you fulfill big dreams. Known as America's Communication Coach, Tom has authored 14 books and 21 audio programs with sales in 15 countries. One of his "Darkest Secrets" books rose to #1 on Amazon.com Hot New Releases in Business Life (and in Business Communication). He guides clients and audiences (IBM, Sun Microsystems, etc.) to success in job interviewing, public speaking, media relations, and branding. A member of the National Speakers Association, he is a professional coach and guest expert on TV, radio, and print, and was dubbed "the Personal Branding Instructor" by the San Francisco Examiner. Tom addressed National Association of Broadcasters' Conference 6 years running. With a degree in psychology, Tom is a guest lecturer at Stanford, DeAnza, and California State Universities, and teaches public speaking and comparative religion at Academy of Art University. Winner of a special award at the Emmys, Tom wrote, directed, and produced a feature film that went to Cannes film market, where it gained international distribution. He also guides business owners in marketing through www.FullStrengthMarketing.com He is engaged in the book/film projects Crystal Pegasus (children's) and TimePulse (science fiction). Visit TomSuperCoach.com to see how Tom coaches people on how to get more done in less time with less effort using Time-Leverage. Visit Tom's blog at www.BeHeardandBeTrusted.com
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