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The booklet I read was by Thomas Howard, so I assume Katherine L. Howard is somehow related.Not sure how... but the front of the book otherwise looks the same.

This is a very brief 48 page booklet, giving basic explanations for the liturgy used in the Anglican church.Having grown up in a Protestant denomination, I have been recently reading books from an Orthodox and a Catholic (Roman, Anglican, Lutheran) perspective.

The focus of a church service in most Protestant churches is the sermon, the teaching from the word of God.From reading this little booklet, the focus of an Anglican church is the Eucharist or Lord's Table.However the Eucharist INCLUDES the reading of God's word, the teaching from God's word (the sermon or homily), and the hearing of God's word through music AND the Lord's Table.It is more "all in one" instead of separated out as it is in Protestant churches.

Questions like "when and why us incense used?", "why does the priest wear robes?", "what does the ringing of the bell mean?", "why is the cross carried out in the middle of the congregation for the gospel reading?".These questions and more are addressed.They are in overview style, not detailed, but appropriate for a lay person who just wants to know "why do you do that?".

I would recommend this book if you want to know the basics of the ritual (the words in the liturgy) and the ceremony (the actions in the liturgy).There is a reason for everything, but I have found that many people who grew up in this Christian heritage don't have the slightest clue as to what anything means.So, read this book... and you'll find out about the movements, words, chants, items used, and the basic overview of the service.
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