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Conjured of equal parts mystery and romance, Adrienne Staff’s Spellbound captures the imagination and compels the heart to believe once more in a love for all time.
Edward Rockford is tired of the hollow demands of society. He’s constantly surrounded and yet feels alone—until he crosses paths with a beautiful artist. Even in the shadows, Edward senses that she understands his true nature. But when he steps into her loft, Edward is stunned to see a painting that exposes a secret he’s kept from the world.
Haunted by ghosts from the past, Jamie Payton devotes her life to art. But now Jamie’s paintings have taken on a life of their own—and she’s sure that her brooding admirer is somehow responsible. Edward’s demeanor is unpredictable, his sudden romantic gestures unnerving. But when all is revealed, Jamie discovers that their connection is not just undeniable . . . it’s destiny.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Dream Lover, Lightning That Lingers, and The Baron. 
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