Jimmy Lagowski Saves the World by Pat Pujolas PDF

PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY (STARRED REVIEW): Jimmy Lagowski, a young man with a bad burn scar and a rich fantasy life, is the centerpiece of a complex set of interwoven short stories that deal with loss, love, family, and tragedy. Separately, the stories examine intimate moments, such as a father's struggle with sobriety and his wife's possible affair; a girl considering taking the morning-after pill; a shooting at a coffee shop; and a tragic accident that claims the life of a child. Taken together, they paint a larger narrative of justice that readers will find extremely appealing. Pujolas's writing is strong, and he has a gift for subtly letting readers into a character's private moments. It's initially difficult to see how the stories are related, but readers will quickly embrace the tale and celebrate Jimmy's attempts to articulate justice as one of the qualities that can elevate humanity. Once readers see the way the narrative pieces fit together, they'll be glad that they stuck around until the end.
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  • Jimmy Lagowski Saves the World by Pat Pujolas
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