Oliver Who Was Small But Mighty by Mara Bergman PDF

This book is about small boy called Oliver who is frightened of the dark and the thunderstorm outside. It tells a story of how Oliver uses his imagination to visualise that he is brave and to overcome his fears. When in the bath Oliver imagines that he is in a boat and is sailing through the seas. The story tells us that Oliver feels small but wants to be tall and mighty in order to be brave. Oliver pretends that whilst in his boat he comes across whales, a pirate ship and a sea monster. Although Oliver finds these scary, he courageously stands up tall and scares them away before continuing on his journey. This story shows readers that although you may feel small and unable to combat your fears, in your imagination you can be anything you want to be and you can do anything you want to do.

This book would be suited to children aged three to five, it uses simple rhymes and strong imagery which draw the reader in and illustrates well the characters imagination.The language used by the author is basic, the text is easy to read and of a good size for young children who are new to reading. This book could be used by teachers as the starting point for a discussion about fears. A group or class activity about what is fear and what pupils are afraid could be initiated, then then suggestions could be made by pupils’ peers on how to overcome those fears.

Overall this book is a fun and imaginative story with fantastic illustrations, which will draw young readers in and will lead to interesting discussions.
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