The Amazing Adventures of the Jewish People by Max I. Dimont PDF

This amazing little book consists of a jam packed and fascinating synopsis of the history of the Jewish people, from the Bible's introduction of Abraham to the wars for survival of the State of Israel.

It is divided into two major 'Acts' which are themselves subdivided into Parts called 'adventures'.
The First Act covers the first two thousand years, from Abraham to the Fall of Masada.
Part II of the First Act covers the Jews oddysey into history as nomads; their entry into the Land of Canaan; their search for greener pastures and enslavement in Egypt until they are liberated by Moses and given the Torah by G-D at Mount Sinai, and the period of the Judges and the rule of the first Jewish King, Saul.It notes how although many things have changed, the covenant, the rite of circumcision, and the Land of Israel are still central in the Jewish faith. "If ever these concepts dissapear, then the Jews will dissapear with them. These perceptions have been the motivating forces in
Jewish history and continued to shape Jewish destiny".
It has a great map outlining the journeys of Moses and Abraham, and the boundaries of the Land of Israel.
It also outlines how the concept of equality before the law, first appeared in the Torah (the Jewish Bible).
There was one law for all. The punishment was the same for all offenders guilty of the same crime, for the first time in history.

Part II covers the great Kingdoms of David and Solomon, the dual kingdoms of Judah and Israel, the voices of the Prophets and the destruction of the two Kingdoms by the Assyrians and Babylonians.

This chapters outlines the three main achievements of King David, in addition to his millitary conquests and carving out of a miniature Jewish Empire: He so firmly established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel that it has been in the headlines of the world ever since; he so effectively anchored the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem that it became the holiest city in Judaism ever since, and he penned most of the immortal psalms that have become a literary heritage of mankind.

The prophets taught that G-D was for all mankind and that it was the message of the Jews to take the ethical and moral values of the Torah to the world.

Part III covers the exile in Babylon, the return to the Land of Israel (the Zionades) and the rebuilding of Jerusalem, the struggles against Greek and Roman domination and the life of Joshuah ben Yosef (Jesus), and his sect of Jews konwn as the Nazarenes.

Act II covers Jewish history from the destruction of the Second Temple and the third exile of the Jews to the restoration of the State of Israel in 1948, and it's trials and tribulations.
Parts I and II covers the writing of the Mishnah and Gemara (and their being combined into the Talmud), the great Rabbis such as Akiva ,Gamaliel II and Yehudah HaNasi, the Karaite Revolt, the Jewish exile in Europe and the great contributions of the Jews to Europe, and persecution and pogroms the Jews suffered there, the crusades, the inquisition and the Cossaks.
It speaks of how the concept of the welfare state was begun in Judaism, the concept of humane slaughter and the great contribution of the Jews to medicine, science and literature.
The Third Adventure is of the enlightenment, and the founding of the Reform and Conservative movements.
The Fourth adventure is of the Jews in Russia and the United States, and the Holocaust, while Part III covers Zionism, the return to the Land of Israel and the re-establishment of the Jewish state there, as well as the amazing valour of Israel against the massive Arab invasions, in several wars-the Jews were not prepared to submit to any more holocausts- German or Arab.
Outnumbered and outgunned the Jews defeated the Arab agressors in 1948, 1967 and 1973, but it was the first time in Israel a victorious defender was forced by the world to beg for peace with a defeated agressor. He also speaks of Israel's great achievments in building a modern educational and industrial state supporting five million people.
The book ends with the Israeli operations into Lebanon (where they were welcomed as liberators by the persecuted Christians of Lebanon) in response to PLO and Syrian terror from that country.
As the author eloquently points out : "Israel prays for peace. But as in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah, the people are rebuilding Israel with a trowel in one hand, and a sword in the other, ready for either peace or war".
This book is fascinating and jammed with interesting facts.
It is also an inspiring read, in these frightening and sombre days for Israel and the Jewish people
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