Dead Ahead by Bridget McKenna PDF

i got this book cause i thought it took place in central ca, but its up by Sacramento, inland, not coastal like here. the woman detective was looking for a killer of her mothers friend, ran her off the road. there was too much white supremacist stuff in there for my taste. and too many people to keep track of. it was ok, but im not sure i would get another one by this author unless she got on a better case. she found out there was police corruption, she killed one of the bad guys. one of the bad guys turned out to be undercover fbi or something and saved her. two pit bulls were tranquilized. there was a forest fire. dont know about her long distance relationship the end of the book she was going to call him after keeping his phone number in her back pocket thru all that shooting and being locked in the trunk.seriously doubt the police would let her go so easy without questioning...
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