Force of Habit 2 by James Scott Bell PDF

She's back...and the punks in L.A. are about to get knuckled under...

Sister Justicia Marie, the rogue nun who burst into action in FORCE OF HABIT, is back with a vengeance. Determined to love her enemies by kicking their butts, Sister J is getting on everyone’s bad side—her superior at St. Cecelia's school; her confessor, Father Dom; the criminal boss who calls himself the Pope of Los Angeles; and any number of thugs and criminals who think they can get away with murder.

Not with Sister J on the case. "They are the knuckles," she says. "I am the ruler."

And this crime novelette is another great read in the FORCE OF HABIT series.

James Scott Bell is the bestselling and award winning author of many thrillers and books on the craft of writing. He makes his home in Sister J's town, Los Angeles.
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  • Force of Habit 2 by James Scott Bell
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