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"Impressions of Light introduces a new level of complexity into the discussion of French landscapes. Rather than considering the landscape as a steady, linear development, it takes into account the many crosscurrents and intersecting paths in French art, from the foundations of the Barbizon School through the Post-Impressionist period. In addition, it studies the landscape in a variety of media - painting, printmaking, drawing, and photography - exploring both the individual artists' perceptions and the ways in which they influenced one another." With over eighty paintings and seventy works on paper from the Museum of Fine Arts' collections, and published to accompany a major exhibition, Impressions of Light encompasses more than one hundred years and fifty-five artists. The book includes an authoritative opening essay, detailed discussions of the works by specialists in the field, and thorough documentation for each object. It takes a broad view, yet never loses sight of the intricacy and variation that make the landscape so endlessly appealing.
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