Death of a Maid (Hamish Macbeth, #23) by M.C. Beaton PDF

Hamish Macbeth is still trying to live out his quiet existence in the Scottish Highlands. No one seems to want to let him. A local maid, and not a very good one by all accounts, is found murdered. No one is unhappy about this. Even her husband, a victim of spousal abuse he's never come forward with, cheers. As Hamish investigates, a trail of blackmail emerges - but which one of the maids victim's did her in?

This has the same easy style other Beaton novels have. Hamish is once again ducking a promotion, solving a crime despite the bumbling incompetence of his superior; feeding his animals too much people food and missing the chance at the love of his life.

What I really didn't care for is that this book didn't stop after the murder was solved. It drug out into a series of attempts on Hamish delivered after the fact as retribution. We get the story line development of Hamish's love interest as she's stood up at the altar by another man - from her pov and it doesn't include Hamish even finding out about it. It was just awkward and boring.
  • Death of a Maid (Hamish Macbeth, #23) by M.C. Beaton online download. Free PDF
  • Death of a Maid (Hamish Macbeth, #23) by M.C. Beaton
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