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The bestselling dating guide, The Rules, became a smash success because it offered a simple, basic guideline for relationships. With that in mind, Nan Silver — co-author of How Marriages Succeed and Fail — has written Rules for Parents. It's based on the principle that parents don't need to be perfect, just loving and strong — "love with a backbone" — and it's replaced all the parenting theories, trends, and jargon with simple, no-nonsense rules. It's a back-to-basics approach with all the warmth, wit, and common sense of your best friend.Whether your goal is to instill independence or a love of learning, to tame a tantrum or your own impatience, Rules for Parents offers quick and sensible tactics that really work. Filled with smart (and sometimes surprising) strategies for giving children from infancy to kindergarten a strong start — this warm and loving guide will help parents and kids "play by the rules."..and win.
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