Renters' Rights by Janet Portman PDF

Head off problems with roommates and landlords Is it next to impossible to get the rent out of your roommate each month? Or is your landlord forgetting about the clogged drain he said he'd repair weeks ago? Then it's time to assert your rights Aimed at everyone from the new renter on the block to more seasoned tenants who just want to know the basics, this book is packed with the critical legal and practical information that every renter needs. Written in plain English, the book covers important concerns like: leases and rental agreements, discrimination, rent, security deposits, privacy, roommates, repairs and maintenance and much more. Co-authored by two experts in tenants' rights, this book is as indispensable as a friend with a pickup truck and a free weekend. The 5th edition is completely updated to reflect the latest landlord-tenant laws of your state.
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