Saga #10 by Brian K. Vaughan PDF

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Saga continues from Volume One with Alana meeting Marko's parents (her in-laws) and us, the readers, getting to know more about the characters and the story.

We get some backstory on Marko and some 0f the characters, and the plot moves fast, never losing its pace between issues. My only complaint is that I expected more animosity between Alana and Marko's parents since both of their planets are at war, which, besides some snide insults, they got along just fine.

I like seeing the freelancer's more caring side on saving the slave girl and I loved the introduction of Gwendolyn. I love that she's a POC and she's pretty awesome, given her introduction and her past relationship with Marko.

This comic book series is addicting and Vaughan knows how to build suspense and keep you invested without being too dramatic and turning you off with shock factor.

What I love most is that amidst all the craziness, the characters are all grounded in their development and you really bond and like them as people which just makes reading this series so delightful.

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