The Lavender Garden by Robert Kourik PDF

Gorgeously fragrant, invigorating, and rich with healing properties, lavender has been cultivated from the beginning of recorded civilization. Today, gardeners everywhere are discovering that growing lavender is a simple and wonderfully rewarding pleasure. The Lavender Garden is a beautiful guide to planting and using this versatile herb in all its forms. There is a variety of lavender to suit almost any setting, indoors and out, and here garden expert Robert Kourik profiles 16 of his favorites. From sky blue to dark violet varieties, he explains which will thrive in dry climates, which are perfect for arrangements, which will fill an entire room with a delightfully romantic fragrance. Once ready to harvest, readers can turn to recipes and directions for baking lavender desserts and breads, preparing lavender teas and syrups, arranging sheaves of lavender into delicate wands (a perfect gift), and even making lavender bath oils and perfumes. Now you don't have to live in the South of France to enjoy the sweet smell and subtle beauty of lavender.
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