Marvel Masterworks by Stan Lee PDF

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have been duly recognized as having had the most fruitful collaborations in the history of comic books. Together the two created most of the unforgettable characters that are today synonymous with the Marvel name. However, it was their pairing on Marvel's flagship title Fantastic Four, and their unprecedented 100-issue run on the title, which would be their longest lasting legacy to the field.

Marvel proudly presents its first new volume in the Marvel Masterworks series in over six years, a volume that is dedicated to the presenting some of the finest of the Lee/Kirby output on Fantastic Four. Included in this handsome hardcover volume is the classic tale, This Man…This Monster! and the first appearance of the Black Panther, as well as memorable confrontations with the Silver Surfer and the FF's nemesis, Dr. Doom. Displaying the wonderful work of these two creative titans at their peak, this book is one that no collector can afford to miss.

Collects The Fantastic Four #51-60, Annual #4

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