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He holds a degree in Literature and university professor. In 1983 he won the National Youth Poetry Award and in 1988 the Alfonsina Storni Poetry Prize. In 1995 he was awarded the Amnesty International Award. In 1996 his book "Red Riding Hood II" was considered by Argentina Inantil Association's Literature (Alija) among the three best books of the year. Won the same award in 1998 for his book "Sometimes the Shadow" and in 2001 for "A crowded desert." In 2001, The Book Foundation decided to "All soles lying" between the three best books of 1999-2000. His works have been published in Spain, Mexico, and Puerto Rico plus Argentina. His writing focuses on what happens to us as a human society, in misery and greatness that men have always built and in particular contemporary societies. Argentina's military dictatorship, foci of marginality that poverty and exclusion are generated, family violence, the situation of those who appear as distinct in the eyes of the so-called "normal", solidarity, sadness, love the doors . All that is played in his books.
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  • El Mono Que Piensa by Esteban Valentino
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