The Devil and George Bailey by Tom Horn PDF

The long-awaited sequel to the legendary film "It's a Wonderful Life," this story takes up where the movie left off, but veers quickly into dark, unfamiliar territory.

Old George Bailey never did make it out of his little town of Bedford Falls; his one dying hope was that his children would take up the torch and explore the world as he'd always dreamed of doing ... but, sadly, none shared his dream.

Ah, but this is a story about George Bailey Junior - the last and most unusual Bailey child. Conceived on the night of the miracle made famous by the film, George Jr. is a tiny child with a tiny voice and immeasurable memory. He is a true innocent of the world running purely on instinct, but his life's simple path is altered forever after his cruel older brother poisons his father (George Sr.), rapes his girlfriend, and frames the young George for the crimes. The boy must then find the courage and conviction first to leave town - unintentionally fulfilling his father's beaten dream - then the courage and self-worth to return and prove his innocence.

In the process, the fugitive George uncovers grim and sinister secrets about his twisted brother, his girlfriend's past, and the innocent American town he left behind.

This is a story about search and redemption. Spanning four decades and five continents, it is a tale of renewal, obsession, presage, ambition; of self-inflicted isolation and dwindling friendships in the 20th century: a century whose task is to rediscover its gods.
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  • The Devil and George Bailey by Tom Horn
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