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Outsourcing has been a common occurrence over the last ten years and is now growing exponentially around the world. The reasons are manifold as organisations seek to redirect strategic internal resources, to reduce operating and investment costs and to gain access to much-needed talent. In the UK, large numbers of both public and private sector organisations are increasingly adopting an outsourcing approach, largely for activities where there are cost advantages of doing so or where outsourcing provides access to expertise not available in-house.

The fundamentals of success are selecting the right provider, managing the relationship and strong governance throughout the outsourcing cycle – from strategy through selection and onwards to implementation, management and renewal.

Organisations that go down the outsourcing route need to do so in the knowledge they have a robust governance process and an ability to build a long-term relationship with the outsourced provider.

In this ICSA guide, written by BDO, we explain and offer examples of good practice throughout all stages of the outsourcing lifecycle.
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