Fully Engaged by Eve Gaddy PDF

" . . . Danger, desire and deftly written characters intertwine to make Eve Gaddy's FULLY ENGAGED a romantic scorcher." - Romantic Times Bookclub
Their passion is one fire they can't put out.
Nine years ago, he left her alone and pregnant. Now he's back.
When hotshot firefighter Callie Kilpatrick gets a new partner, he's the last man she ever wanted to meet again: Rick Montana, the man she once loved and planned to marry, the man who left her without explanation. Rick resurrects all the old, unresolved feelings she had for him. Though she never told him about her pregnancy, she blames him for the loss of their child.
As for Rick, he's never forgotten Callie. But as her anger singes him, he wonders if he'll ever be able to get past the walls she's built around her heart. When they must work together to discover a murderer, they discover that passion still burns hot between them.
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