Ungava Bob (Illustrated Edition) by Dillon Wallace PDF

Dillon Wallace (Jr) (1863-1939) was an American writer. His works include: The Lure of The Labrador Wild (1905), The Long Labrador Trail (1907), Ungava Bob (1907), Hunting with the Eskimos (1910), Saddle and Camp in the Rockies (1911), Packaging and Portaging (1912), The Wilderness Castaways (1913), The Gaunt Gray Wolf (1914), The Fur Trail Adventurers (1915), Bobby of the Labrador (1916), The Arctic Stowaways (1917), Grit-a-Plenty (1918), John Adney, Ambulance Driver (1919), The Ragged Inlet Guards (1920), Troop One of the Labrador (1920), Beyond the Mexican Sierras (1920), The Story of Grenfell of the Labrador (1922), The Testing of Jim Maclean (1925), The Way to Burning Mountain (1926), With Dog and Canoe (1928), Kidnapped by Air (1929), The Lost Mine (1930), The Fur Traders of Kettle Harbour (1931), The Crew of the Pioneer (1931), Buddies of the Sea (1932) and The Camper's Handbook (1936).
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  • Ungava Bob (Illustrated Edition) by Dillon Wallace
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