Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci PDF

I decided to read this book in order to presenting a simple essay for "Critical Theory" subject at my university. Gramsci was a Neo-Marxist, he writes all the essay when he was at prison. In the beginning of chapter you will see Gramsci's brief biography. The translator nicely tells us the history and background of Gramsci's writing.

Gramsci notable work was his theory about "Hegemony", but you will never found a chapter about hegemony itself. He was spread the hegemony words in every single pages of this book. Although in his writing Gramsci never ever mentioned "The Role of Media", many scholar (who I assume never read this book) often mentioned Gramsci's Hegemony was all about media. To be able understand Gramsci's writing you should read the first chapter of this book, titled "Intellectual Organics". Then you will understand the entire process of hegemony. Gramsci's writing is related to political studies, but you can also relating his works with media as case study. Happy reading!
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