Ring of Power by Jean Shinoda Bolen PDF

Since translating this epic from German for my finals in that language many moons ago, Das Niebelungenlied has resurfaced at unexpected times. Subconsciously I've been worrying it like a dog its bone. Now I know why.

The author breaks the characters of Wagner's operatic Ring Circle into archetypes heavy in symbolism and theme. She addresses the overarching question of love versus power, while clarifying exactly what it means to be a Wotan's daughter, wife, and son. Perhaps what surprised me most was the obvious connection between Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS and DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN. Yes, as an overburdened student, I completely missed that—despite reading both.

Perhaps my favorite chapters come at the end as Shinoda Bolen tackles freeing yourself from the ring cycle, then delves into a post-patriarchal world. Yes, there were a few repetitive and dogmatic portions to this tome, but I came away with such glorious insights that I can only recommend her Jungian-based perspective.
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  • Ring of Power by Jean Shinoda Bolen
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