Buried Secrets (Smallville Series for Young Adults, #6) by Suzan Colon PDF

This was not one of Smallville's best books. I'll start with the one that was most annoying; the timeline. Where the crap are we in the seasons?

I'll set this timeline out for you:

Season 1: Twelve years since the meteor shower hit. Clark and Lana were three at the time, Lex was nine. This would make Clark and Lana fifteen and Lex twenty-one.
Season 2: Whitney is in the military. Pete finds out about Clark's secret.
Season 4: Pete isn't in the show anymore, leaving after he decides hiding Clark's secret it too much. Lex is now twenty-four.

Things above that are in the book: Meteor shower hit twelve years ago; Clark and Lana are fifteen; Whitney is in the military; Lex is twenty-four.

Hm… how on earth did that work out? So we’re in season 1, 2, and 4 all at the same time? And what happened to season 3, it wasn’t important enough to be included? I’m thinking they should have either gotten someone who actually knows the show or someone to help the person who doesn’t know the show.

The most annoying thing, though, is all the Lana blabber. We get it, you’re jealous of Whitney! You want Lana, though no one in their right mind knows why. We don’t need to have you yearning for her for 60- freakin’ pages.

Then you think it’s finally going to get interesting, what with the Lana crap behind you, but no such luck. He’s gotten past Lana just to move onto another unattainable woman. Ms. Sanchez, the beautiful Spanish woman. She was actually pretty interesting for a side character, which usually has no personality except “this guy was mean” or “this girl was kind.” She had a nice personality but not over-the-top nice and an interesting background. Unfortunately, that couldn’t change the whole outcome of the book; a good fast read for Smallville fans, but nothing more.
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