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Kim Pritekel is a published author living in Denver, Colorado. She is also a very popular online author of many novels, novellas and short stories. She is the Royal Academy of Bards 2005 Hall of Fame Author.

From the author's website: I was born and raised in Pueblo, CO., a state I've stayed in my entire life - thus far.I have an older sister and a younger half-sister, both of whom are awesome.

I began writing when I was 9 years old, writing my first novel at 13.I became published for the first time at age 24, and have continued publishing ever since.I was lucky enough to discover my love of writing early, but what I truly discovered early was my love of movies!

I have been fortunate enough to get into the film industry, landing several paying gigs with Flying Pig Studios in Los Angeles, as well as starting my own production company in 2006 with Kelly Neal - Asp Films.It's truly a toss up of what I love more: writing books or writing screenplays.

The craziest part of my life has been the development of my spiritual gifts, which popped out unexpectedly in early 2008, which you can read about under the "My Spirituality" section.Needless to say, it's changed my life forever, as well as my craft.

Currently, I live in the Denver area, and enjoy writing for a living, and wonderful frineds and collegues, in both the novel industry, and the film industry.
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