No Bed for Bacon by Caryl Brahms PDF

"Warning to Scholars: This book is fundamentally unsound." Master Will Shakespeare and his struggles to finish his new play are at the center of this classic 1941 satire of Elizabethan England, said by many to be the inspiration behind the recent film Shakespeare in Love. Joining Master Will in Brahms and Simon's comic mayhem are all the usual Elizabethan suspects, though we see them in a most unusual, and hilarious, light: Francis Bacon, for example, scheming for possession of one of the beds in which the Queen has slept; and Walter Raleigh, staging an elaborate feast at which England's great will have their first taste of the mysterious Potato. And then there's Viola Compton, stage-struck Maid of Honour, who disguises herself as a boy-player and catches the eye of the playwright himself. Has Will found the muse he needs? Is Shakespeare in love?

With an Introduction by Ned Sherrin.

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