Worldviews in Collision by David A. Noebel PDF

“One of the finest this century.”—Dr. D. James Kennedy

Worldviews in Collision is the abridged, easier–to–read edition of David Noebel’s authoritative guide to the major worldviews that compete with Christianity. Each worldview is portrayed accurately in the words of its own proponents, thanks to years of in–depth research.

Now updated and revised, the book’s clear, easy–to–understand summaries include new treatments of Islam, postmodernism, and cosmic humanism (the spiritual alternative to secular humanism). Wherever readers meet non–Christian worldviews—in education or business, via the media, Internet, orconversation—this thorough overview of Western culture’s current spiritual landscape will help them...

see the internal inconsistencies and fatal assumptions of human–originated belief systemscultivate wisdom and discernment about opposing viewpointsoffer positive and biblical answers on current issuesgain a deeper appreciation for God’s truthgive a true picture of Jesus Christ to those around them

Formerly The Battle for Truth.

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  • Worldviews in Collision by David A. Noebel
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