Cruel Zinc Melodies (Garrett P.I., #12) by Glen Cook PDF

View our feature on Glen Cook's Cruel Zinc Melodies.Garrett uncovers the dark side of the fantasy city TunFaire, where no-one is to be trusted especially beautiful woman. When a pack of gorgeous woman knock on his door, Garrett knows it’s too good to be true. The leader of the group is Alyx Weider, the daughter of the largest brewer in town. Her father and friends are opening a new theater in TunFaire and the lovely ladies are there to persuade Garrett to help get rid of the paranormal parasites living in the new construction. Garrett agrees because after all, it means free beer and the company of these beautiful girls. What else could a man want? But Garrett doesn’t realize the drama he’s stepping into.
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  • Cruel Zinc Melodies (Garrett P.I., #12) by Glen Cook
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