Whispers on the Wind (Misfit, #3) by Brenda Jernigan PDF

Blood on her hands. No one really understands Mary Costner, except her beloved gold-mining partner, one of the only men in Colorado’s Gregory Gulch who knows she is a woman—and who treats her like his daughter. But when Mary wakes up one night covered in blood—with no memory of why her partner is dead—she knows she looks guilty as sin. So she does the only thing she can. She runs . . .

Desire in Her Heart. Fleeing in a raging blizzard, Mary is thrown from her horse and knocked unconscious. She is found by tough-as-nails U.S. Marshal Carter Monroe, whose gut tells him that this bedraggled blonde must be trying to escape from something or someone. When Mary finds herself in the home of a marshal, she can’t believe her luck. She’ll have to keep a tight rein on her secrets to keep Carter off guard—even as her body’s hunger for the lawman’s touch threatens to betray her.
  • Whispers on the Wind (Misfit, #3) by Brenda Jernigan online ebook free - PDF format
  • Whispers on the Wind (Misfit, #3) by Brenda Jernigan
  • Jump Book Whispers on the Wind (Misfit, #3) PDF download

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