Defiant (The Law Man Trilogy, #3) by Millie Criswell PDF

National bestselling author Millie Criswell didn't start out to be a writer. Instead, she had aspirations of joining the Rockettes as a toe-tapping member of their dancetroop, or tapping her heart away in one of those big, corny MGM musicals. Of course she was only ten at the time, had absolutely no talent as a dancer, and cannot be blamed for her failure to succeed.

To date, Ms. Criswell has written twenty-one historical, category, and contemporary romances. She has won numerous awards, including the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, the Reviewers' Choice Award, the National Reader's Choice Award, and the coveted MAGGIE Award from Georgia Romance Writers.

Ms. Criswell resides in Virginia with her husband of thirty-two years. She has two grown children, both lawyers, and one neurotic Boston terrier
  • Defiant (The Law Man Trilogy, #3) by Millie Criswell Full ebook PDF
  • Defiant (The Law Man Trilogy, #3) by Millie Criswell
  • Jump Book Defiant (The Law Man Trilogy, #3) PDF download

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