Scarlett Saves Her Family by Jean-Claude Suarès PDF

Shortly before dawn on a cold March night, a devastating fire swept through an abandoned garage that a stray calico cat and her brood of five kittens called home. But as firemen worked to put out the flames, one of them witnessed a remarkable sight: the mother cat, oblivious to the danger, venturing back into the fire to carry each of her kittens to safety. Her eyes blistered shut and her paws burned from walking through fire five times, she then counted her litter, tenderly touching each kitten with her nose to make sure all were well. Scarlett Saves Her Family is a moving account of this amazing cat, her brave rescue operation, and the many people she touched with her extraordinary act of love and courage. By risking eight of her nine lives to save her month-old kittens, Scarlett became an American hero. And as she and her brood struggled to regain their health in the aftermath of the fire, the fragile little family became the focus of a tremendous outpouring of support from around the country and even the world. From Oprah to the Ashland Daily Tidings, no one could resist this inspiratonal tale of a mother's devotion. This lovingly crafted tribute tells the true full story of Scarlett and her miraculous family. First-hand accounts are featured from the fireman who rescued her, the dedicated staff and veterinarians of the North Shore Animal League where mother and babies were nursed back to health, compassionate well-wishers from around the world, and the new owners who were chosen from hundreds who volunteered to give Scarlett and her kittens permanent homes.
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  • Scarlett Saves Her Family by Jean-Claude Suarès
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