The Pepsi Signs by James Hansen PDF

Michael Pierce and Laura Rodriguez have liked each other for years, but have never socialized because he is married... until they meet in a cafe to discuss a scam she has uncovered at the bank where she works. Michael and his childhood friends are involved in a major real estate development that has taken all of their life savings and is now on the verge of collapse. Whathefu has just killed a teenage girl in a car accident in Saudi Arabia and must raise millions to save his family's honor and his own head. Aubrey is a Special Forces soldier who has turned his back on America and is in charge of Whathefu's life for the next seventy-two hours. Tony Craig is watching his career as an FBI agent slip away due to office politics and a grandstanding boss unless he can unravel a twisted tale of violence, bank fraud, and possible terrorism in the next twenty-four hours. All of these disparate people wind up in the same spot on a Queens, NY, street, where it spells death for some and redemption for most of the others.
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  • The Pepsi Signs by James Hansen
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