The Dainty Monsters by Michael Ondaatje PDF

Notes as I read this over on a first-blizzard-of-the-season October night...

My first book by Ondaatje.Didn't realize that he was the author of The English Patient.

"Dragon":' a badly held cocktail...'Wondering what exactly this simile means though I like the poem.I'm picturing someone teetering on the edge of a long party, about two cocktails beyond when they should have stopped - the stem of the glass loosely held between numbed fingers, drips of sugared liquor seeping into the carpet as they tell stories far too personal for those who are listening...

"Signature":Fantastic poem.Love the dichotomy of 'The rain fell like applause as I approached the hospital.'and later 'Imagine the rain/ falling like white bees on the sidewalk'...

The collection almost feels like it is written by two competing poets.It ricochets between lucid pieces and poems more symbolic...It doesn't seem intentional to me.

Odd flashes of a sexist sentiment that seem to me(perhaps incorrectly) to be without sarcasm...

"The Time Around Scars" — beautiful poem, but this strange undercurrent of violence...Why did the narrator cause the scar?No reason given, but for the beauty of scars...

The last section of the book seems like a different book entirely.The transition to characters of myth seems odd...Almost forced.

"Paris"'we move with fast passion from necessity.'

"And I, in this year,/need your agony."

Overall, I really like some of these poems, but I'm just not impressed with the collection as a whole.
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