Remember the Alamo by Allison Vale PDF

From pilgrims to pioneers to flappers . . . from Plymouth Rock to Pearl Harbor–the history of America in bite-size chunks

How did the conquistadors first stumble across America–and what were the Spanish looking for anyway? What was the Dred Scott Supreme Court case and how did it affect the Civil War? And while some of us may indeed remember the Alamo, why were we once urged to “Remember the Maine”? Here, in chronological order, is a rollicking tour of American history from Columbus’s arrival through Nixon’s resignation, including details about the early colonists, Manifest Destiny, the Civil War–from Southern secession to the surrender at Appomattox–and the nation’s plunge into World War I and the end of U.S. isolationism. It’s the perfect refresher for all the things we learned in school but may have forgotten since.

In concise, highly readable chapters, Remember the Alamo! tells the most exciting story in the world: the story of America–home of Ben Franklin and Al Capone, Abe Lincoln and Rosa Parks, a nation with a passion and a gift for making history to this day.

From the Hardcover edition.
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