Passion's Savage Moon by Colleen Faulkner PDF

When the half-breed Tshingee took the lady Deborah Montague hostage, all he intended was to secure the freedom of his brother from the white man's prison. As he led his high-tempered captive further into the Chesapeake forests, he told himself he had no need for her skin like dogwood petals, her lips like wild strawberries, nor her hair like mink. But no matter how much he reminded himself that he had to protect his prisoner to guarantee his brother's safety, Tshingee's blood clamored to claim her, his mouth hungered to crush hers, and his arms yearned to embrace her all the day and night!

Spirited Deborah Montague was incensed that the redskin had taken her against his will. First her father had promised her to a spineless aristocrat, then her fiance demanded her favors, and now this Indian was dragging her off into the woods. She was furious that men had so interfered with her life! Then Deborah took a second look at Tshingee: his proud stance, his gleaming hair, his whipcord physique. And even as she planned her escape, she plotted a million different ways to make the Indian seduce her and make her drunk wtih ecstasy as they played love's games in the silvery glow of Passion's Savage Moon.
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