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Action, Adventure, Suspense & Smut. Air Force JAG Officer Katherine Thomas' deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom sends her out of the Green Zone in search of hundreds of millions of dollars missing from Iraqi reconstruction funds, and into the arms of Bradford Smith, a Navy SEAL on a black ops hunt through Al Qaeda controlled Baghdad.

Major Katherine Thomas lands in Baghdad’s Green Zone with a mission: vet and manage multi-million dollar contracts to reconstruct Iraq’s crumbling infrastructure. On her first day on the job, Jihadis bent on kidnapping her leads to discovery of her first of many Deployment Rules: Thou Shalt Disregard All Idiotic General Orders. Politically correct mandates for unloaded sidearms tend to shorten a girl’s lifespan during a combat situation! From this day forward—and in flagrant disregard of orders—Katherine keeps her gun locked and loaded when she steps into the streets of Baghdad, whether she’s wearing body armor and combat boots to work or a BCBG dress and strappy black sandals to an embassy ball.

With much to learn, Katherine looks to old and new friends. Major LaTonya Hanson, Captain Jorge Rodriquez, and Iraqi interpreter Hassam introduce her to the local customs and language, the pressures of “burning” millions of dollars an hour to rebuild Iraq, and the lattes and Latin dancing that make living in an oven bearable. The biggest piece of advice LaTonya offers, however, is to not get PSD’d—to not get involved with Personal Security Detail bodyguards. If you let a PSD work you over, a girl can show up in Iraq as a three, gets action like she’s a nine, and go home a one.

But when PSD Ford Smith and his tough guy posse drive Katherine into the Iraqi night in search of cocktails and a swim, her inner warrior is awakened. The SUV dies; AK-47 toting Iraqis vector in. Katherine plays dumb-blonde decoy, and they get out alive—but Katherine’s already lost her heart to the 250-pound giant guarding her six. She’s about to be PSD’d. How can she resist when he teaches her arterial severing skills with his shirt off? Now she’s alive.

Unknown to Katherine, Ford and his crew are black-ops in Iraq to eliminate high value terrorists without regard to the Geneva Conventions. As soon as Katherine gets involved with Ford, her every move is watched. One false step, and Ford’s commander Kurt decides if she lives or dies. No woman will get in the way of the main target: Sadr City terrorist-Emir, Abed al Wahaib.

And Abed al Wahaib gets around. The name shows up in hospital contract after hospital contract. And Katherine, LaTonya and Jorge soon realize: these contracts don’t look right. Moreover, too many people involved in the al Wahaib hospital contracts die. It’s time to investigate. They take an uparmored security detail into terrorist-infested Sadr City to inspect the most blatant example of contract fraud.

As soon as they arrive, tea with “businessman” Abed al Wahaib devolves into a close quarters battle. Katherine channels Ford’s advice and keeps the terrorists from getting a hold of her friends and her. She can’t last much longer.

That’s when Ford—already there doing surveillance on Al Wahaib—defies orders and moves in. Lead flying, they fight for their lives against a terrorist cell and growing Jihadi mob. Some live, some don’t. Katherine must figure out what being a hero means.
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