RAYET SAVES HER PACK is a children's adventure story about a pack of wolves. It is also a baffling mystery. Who are the mysterious enemies that threaten the pup Rayet and her pack? All we know is that a shadowy figure unlocks the cage where a pair of bloodthirsty pair of hounds is kept, letting them loose to attack Rayet’s mother as she is about to give birth. The same thing happened the year before; no one knows why. The mystery deepens when Rayet and her brother are kidnapped. They disappear into thin air, leaving no clues about who took them or why, or even how they were taken. Desolate, Rayet’s mother and father and the other pack members set off to find them.

Meantime, Rayet is in the midst of more adventures than most wolf pups have in a lifetime. Dropped from high in the air into a prickly bush by her captor, she is befriended by a clever crow and a wily fox who make it their business to know everything that goes on in Peat Moss Forest. Despite their efforts to help her, Rayet and her brother Umo are captured and held hostage in Black Heart Ravine, where a mysterious white wolf reigns and evil seems to lurk in the air. There, Rayet and Umo are guarded by woldogs - a mix of wolf and dog who lack any moral sense and are ruthless killers. Rayet finds a way to escape, only to be captured again by a vicious band of weasels who keep her trapped in their dark, subterranean tunnels.

A courageous young wolf adopted by the pack, the wily fox, clever crow and Rayet’s new friend the chattering marmot, help her plan a daring escape from the weasels. But then, to her horror, Rayet learns that her pack has been lured to Black Heart Ravine, where mortal danger awaits them. With the help of her unlikely band of allies as well as a grumpy bear and a mournful badger who want to help, Rayet returns to the dreaded ravine to save her pack.

Knowing she cannot match the fangs and the brutality of the woldogs, she devises a heroic and theatrical plan that enables her outnumbered but brave-hearted group of warriors to win the ensuing battle and vanquish their cruel enemies. In a triumphant procession, the victorious group of friends marches back to Peat Moss Forest.
  • RAYET SAVES HER PACK by Joan Dahr Lambert second edition
  • RAYET SAVES HER PACK by Joan Dahr Lambert
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