Mask of the Damned (Damned of Lost Creek, #1) by Danae Ayusso PDF

Mikhail grew up on the hard streets of North Philadelphia in one of the toughest urban environments in the country.For seventeen years she’s bounced from shelters, run down apartments, drug houses, halfway houses and the streets with her crackhead mom.Then fate steps in.Her caseworker, Mr. Jones, tracks down Mikhail’s biological father, a man that she was told never wanted her, when in actuality, Price Simoeau had no idea that she even existed.Going from North Philly to Anaconda, Montana, was a culture shock and dramatic change for the young woman but she was hell bent that she would make the best of it.Adjusting to having a loving family, money, a home and warm bed is a bit difficult for the girl that isn’t used to getting anything from anyone and is constantly watching out for herself, but for the first time in her life she feels like she is home.However, home is full of mystery and haunted woods that seemingly want to eat her, and the mystery of the land that her family is tied to has captivated her and yet troubles her at the same time; she is one of the Damned.While trying to sort through the mystery of her family and the curse that has plagued them for centuries, the son of her father’s nemesis catches her attention, or she catches his, and a pissing contest between Draven and Shep begins putting Mikhail in the middle and opening all of them up to an unknown threat that is hell bent on taking their lives.Only Mikhail and her strange way of thinking and the children of the Damned of Lost Creek can save them before it is too late.
  • Mask of the Damned (Damned of Lost Creek, #1) by Danae Ayusso - listen audiobook, download PDF
  • Mask of the Damned (Damned of Lost Creek, #1) by Danae Ayusso
  • Jump Book Mask of the Damned (Damned of Lost Creek, #1) PDF download

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