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CAMPUS CRUSH by Ashelyn Drake combines four novellas in one. Discover the ups and downs of relationships as four Timberland College co-eds search for love. Mike relies on cheesy pick-up lines to (mostly fail) at getting girls. When he catches the eye of sun-bathing beauty Fallon, he thinks he may have finally found someone to love. Noelle hasn't even officially started college when she falls for handsome swimmer and R.A., Andy, at freshman orientation. But are the feelings mutual? Take-charge Julia inserts herself into Darren's life when she sees him eating alone at a pub and decides to join him, but a series of secrets and miscommunications jeopardize their future. Mindy isn't into younger guys. That is not until Ben serenades her at the Freshman mixer and wows her with a kiss.

All four stories are fun and sexy and pull at all the right heartstrings. The sexual tension of these four couples sizzles off the pages. I gobbled up these novellas, not even stopping for a break in between. The angst of new relationships and excitement of falling in love made me simultaneously glad to be out of that new-love phase and long to be back in a new relationship. I also enjoyed how the each story had its own arc, but the characters all intermingled throughout all four stories.
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